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Do not worry if you have some problems with the names of the massages.

Call us and we will find the best massage for you.


          Relaxing massage:

                   I use this gentle and smooth massage to improve blood circulation by focusing on areas of tension, calming anxiety and stress, that improves mood and produces a feeling of well being. In addition to relaxation, massage can reduce pain, increase energy levels, improve physical and mental performance and stimulate the body's lymphatic system to eliminate  waste products of the metabolism.


          Swedish massage:

                   This is the most common massage because similar to the 'relaxing massage'  it relaxes the body and mind.However the Swedish massage is traditionally stronger , this increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins. It improves flexibility and circulation while easing tensions.


          Deep tissue massage:

                    Similar to Swedish massage but is used to target knots and release chronic muscle tension. Other benefits include reducing inflammation and helping to eliminate scar tissue. This massage is great for rehabilitation after injuries for chronic issues or keeping in shape.


          Hot stone massage:

                    The stress killer. Do you want to completely relax ? If yes, this is your massage. There is only one problem: if your blood pressure is too low you can not get this one (or at least, a full one). Because it relaxes, maybe, too much.

                    This is the massage that lasts two hours, or more (usually more).


          Sports massage:

                    This is a strong massage popular with sport lovers people because it is primarily used on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system to treat pain and disability.It is highly  valuable to an athlete's preparation and recovery, preventing injury and helping to "citius, altius, fortius" (faster, higher and  stronger) the Olympic principle.


          Lymphatic drain:

                    The cleaner. This massage is a very, very smooth massage that cleans the body boosting the lymphatic system to  work  to get rid of cellular waste, and toxic microbes.

                    The lymphatic system is a network of slow moving vessels in the body that is responsible for the removal of cellular waste and toxic microbes. The Lymphatic drain massage stimulates and encourages this process.