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About me


         My name is Juan Manuel and I have  decided to dedicate my life to improving people's health. I have studied and i continue to study alternative therapies in order to improve people's lives without using traditional medicines.



          The names of my studies are very similar to the British equivalent, but they are not the same. In Spain I am a  Chiropracticioner , in UK I am a high level Massage Therapist.







         This was the beginning. When I saw people with years of illness leaving  my massage studio happy and pain free  after many years of suffering unnecessarily. I discovered my future. This pushed me to further studies, to improve my skills, and I think I will never stop.



                 TECNICO EN QUIROMASAJE:


          This course is called “Introduction to Chiropraxi”





         It is all in the name. This has been, until now, my hardest, most beautiful and productive




                 DRENAJE LINFATICO:


          Lymphatic drain is a well-known popular therapy because of its effectiveness against

morbid cellulite.  It is also highly  effective  against oedema (swelling), and other

lymphatic problems.



                 DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE:


         This wonderful treatment is perfect for sports......



                 PIEDRAS CALIENTES:


         Hot stone massage.




                 REFLEXOLOGIA PODAL:


         Podal reflexology.